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What we can offer?

Sybarite is company providing service for web applications and its visual appearance and other products that are essential for web presentation. Your web page can be first good impression or also first disaster and so you should make sure you impress and not the other way around. Your web page should ensure your customer that you are the right choice! It includes well composed graphics and easy available information that are crucial for your target group. Originality is must as well as representativeness. That all summarised is just our standard.

What are specific benefits of Sybarite?
We make sure that every single one of our customers is fully satisfied with our product. We know that different people have different needs and so also we provide services that are different form every customer. The secret of our success is tight interaction with our customers. We are not just some company that makes you a web page. We and you are one Team. Our every step is clearly explained and discussed with you.

Creation of web pages

Analysis: For creation of web page we first need to know what picture about web pages you have. In case of need we are ready to help you and explain issues of web page creation. Basing on analysis of your needs we recommend you appropriate solution for your presentation. We will recommend you appropriate www address and form of e-mail addresses also we can provide related registration of domain.

Web Creation Design: After the analysis comes creation of graphic design. The appearance made by our webdesigner will be submitted for your approval. Corporate identity of your company will not be violated. Every graphic element will be original. After design correction there will be final version left and only after you approve we will proceed to creation itself. You will be informed about time and money severity when graphic sketch is submitted.

Creation: When design is approved contract is made which specify money and time conditions. Then comes creation itself. In ending phase we place the web pages on local environment of customer or temporary available space on the Internet, which allows customer to access final product and provides space for additional changes and improvements. Last phase is testing of all functions and stress testing.

Placement of presentation: Web pages will be stored on our server until we take every step needed for pages to be operational.

Actualisation: Though placement of web pages is done our cooperation is not over. In case you will need your web pages to be updated or changed completely we are still your partner. Within providing complex services we also provides everything to make sure your presentation can be updated anytime.

Contact information

Company name: Sybarite s.r.o.
Adress - street: Voroněžská 144/20,
Adress - city and ZIP: Liberec, 460 01
Phone number: +420 777 256 077
E-mail: info sybarite cz

Sybarite s.r.o.

Společnost Sybarite nabízí profesionální služby v oblasti marketingu a on-line řešení. S námi najdete cestu, jak s produkty vydělat.

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